“No Disease, Including Cancer, Can Exist In An Alkaline Environment.” -Dr. Otto Warburg

Dr. Otto Warburg was Discovered the Cause of Cancer.He was awarded the nobel prize in 1931 for his work finding that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich or alkaline environment.What Warburg discovered and what he was awarded a Nobel Prize for was for simply making the discovery that low oxygen was characteristic of cancer cells.

And actually Otto Warburg made some groundbreaking discoveries about the mechanisms of cancer, especially as regards respiration and mitochondrial malfunction.What Warburg actually discovered was that cancer cells were low in oxygen due to a change in cellular respiration from using oxygen to using fermentation of sugar. In his own words:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”
His discoveries were revolutionary for their time, and contributed greatly to what we know about cancer today.

He suggested that cancer cells “live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does”. 

Cancer was caused by low oxygen and acidic pH.A body with a neutral pH is a healthy body! If your pH is lower than 7.35 it becomes acidic. An acidic body is a place where sickness and disease can easily develop.Therefore, he found that cancer cells are anaerobic, (do not breathe oxygen), so they cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, in the presence of high levels of oxygen. On the other hand, all normal body cells need oxygen in order to live.
Our pH balance in the body, which is the balance of the acid and alkaline in the fluids and cells, is mostly affected by our diet. Unfortunately, most of the foods that people consume today are full of sugar, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms – which all contribute to acidity in the body. The most alkaline foods are vegetables, as well as some fruits, grains, nuts, and alkaline water. Helping your body neutralize some of its acidity is crucial for maintaining your overall health. In order to function normally and survive, our body needs to be at a slightly alkaline level and have a pH value of 7.365.

While many years have passed since Warburg’s publications and studies, his discoveries still hold true today. Cancer can be partially attributed to prolonged exposure to toxins, especially in cells that haven’t been nourished, oxygenated, hydrated, and cleansed. And of course, as Warburg discovered, cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.