Why Do You Need A Virtual Private Server? - VPS.NET Cloud Server

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is very familiar with server and is for web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers to build and store their resources… Using VPS if you need high performance that shared hosting cannot adapt but you do not need a dedicated server because of low cost of VPS.

What is a VPS server?
VPS is a virtual server which is created by dividing the physical server into multiple (virtual) servers with the same functionality as a dedicated server running as a shared server. From the original physical server. Each VPS is a completely separate system, has its own CPU, its own RAM, its own HDD storage size, IP address and its own operating system, the user has full root and can restart, back up the system.

Why you need VPS?
VPS is currently used extensively in businesses and small business models. But usually VPS is used for the following needs (actually what dedicated server is use for then VPS is same but with low cost).

What is Game server?
There are investors, game development (Game server) but with initial capital is not high. Meanwhile, every new, hot game usually attracts millions of visitors every day. Their server system must have good performance. VPS leasing is one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs to invest in their gaming products before they have enough capital to build their own data centers.

Multiple websites and services
Systems (websites for shopping purpose, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic …) every day also require a stable host system. And to be able to focus on investing their products on capital. They choose to rent VPS, server to save maximum investment cost for server, management staff, installation location of data center … but still have high performance server system to use.

Platform development
Nowadays, technological developments on smartphones or tablets, smart mobile devices are becoming more widespread. Developing platforms such as operating systems, applications on all operating systems must have a central place to store data. The most popular APP you use on the phone is one of the best examples.

The software should always have a place to focus on different types of data such as:

  • File settings, software updates.
  • User information.
  • Transaction history.
  • Image, file storage…
That’s why platform development always requires a large server. For investors, choosing VPS is the best investment.

Server for enterprise email system
Today, businesses also need resources to manage internal email sending and receiving. VPS is also a perfect choice, reliable and economical.

Run the live media program
Current communication programs also require good storage. Not so much but the type of data storage always needs to enter and continuous access.

Create a virtual environment for programming, virus analysis, research
In companies that invest in science products such as software, apps, websites, etc. They also need special storage space for their applications and test products. Building a physical server is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing the investment form of storage through the VPs system is the most economical.

Data storage: documents, pictures, videos

This company specializes in image processing; Video is also one of the objects that need to use VPS at most. They use high-capacity VPS to maximize their investment without the use of removable storage devices that are difficult to control or damage.

Advantages of VPS?

Our VPS system has many advantages such as cloud servers can be a great alternative to VPS.
  • Adjust resources easily, as long as the physical server limit allows.
  • From 1 physical server, can create multiple VPS. Saves money for hardware investment, server operation power, installation space…
  • Because many VPS can be concentrated on the server system. Test operation will be easier.
Disadvantages of VPS?

However, VPS will also have the following disadvantages:
  • VPS activity is affected by the operation and stability of the physical servers that create VPS.
  • The use of a shared physical server makes your VPS dependencies.
  • Time and cost to increase resources and also cannot be expanded.